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Nov 9, 2012 6:00am PST
street. he was a 44 year-old man and it is being investigated he shot him right now. >> and leslie is recalling 230,000 canisters of next week because of possible bill salmonella contamination. -- nestle's the batched says use by october 14th. you can see in the shot. the problem was caused by an ingredient supplier and the product has since been recalled. so far no instances of any illnesses such check the bottom of your canisters. >> we are out of the gate and we can see the dow is off by 20 points. we are hoping the president says any way that today it will give the markets a better idea of what lies ahead and the showdown. with the republicans and democrats over this fiscal clef. right now we are down. and i was pretty wet overnight, right now storm tracker showing as the bulk of that weather has moved on. there lingering showers off of the water that are headed this way. we still have a chance for two of light rain later on. >> here is on the free to ponder this morning is as ground-breaking are creepy? a baby dallas green and a lot of criticism and praise called the breast milk
Nov 9, 2012 4:00am PST
canisters of the nest quick chocolate milk mix because of possible salmonella contamination. leslie says the contamination could occoccurred in the last month batches. the contamination was called by a in greeting from a supplier and the in britain has been recalled. >> an outbreak of e. coli infections tied believe to be tied to organic spinach is being investigated. the mix was mainly sold on the east coast. it has been since recalled it was so between october 14th and november 1st. an update on the meningitis outbreak massachusetts company with the same founders as the pharmacy tied to the deadly outbreaks says they are laying off all of their and employees the company laid off from 650 employes yesterday. a spokesperson said they hope the layoffs will be temporary. regulators asked the company to remain closed until later this month. >> there is truth to on-line buzz that home pregnancy test can detect some type of testicular cancer in men. a quick to the american cancer society pregnancy test worked i detected a certain hormone produced by the cells of the placenta is best as a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2